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Your 2024 Personal Development and Productivity Planner is here!

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The only Planner you need!

The BE DO BECOME Yearly Personal Development and Productivity Planner is specifically designed to coach you towards achieving your career goals and transform your life in a year!


  • Are you searching for clarity and direction?

  • Are you interested in building a lifestyle of excellence and success?

  • Do you wish to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

  • Do you want to leave an impact or legacy?

  • Are you ready to embrace your unique essence?

  • Are you ready to live a life of purpose and one that you love?

  • Do you want to master your career and be an authentic leader?

...Then this planner is the only planner you'll ever need!


This one-of-a-kind planner was intentionally designed by Transformation and Mindset Coach - Leah Marville - to equip you with the guidance and tools you need to transform your life, access your full potential and achieve the productivity goals that will shape your unique brand of excellence in the world, over the course of a year.

2024 Theme:


This year, the design of the Planner is inspired by my home island, Barbados. I credit my heritage for many of the values and habits that have propelled me this far. Education is highly valued in Barbados and excellence is the standard.  In true inspiration, the blue cover of the 2024 Planner represents the ultramarine blue of our flag along with the sea and sky that surround our island. Our gold lettering represents the yellow of our flag and the sands of our shores.

My heritage inspires excellence and as I celebrate that through our 2024 Planner, I hope you feel inspired to pay homage to your own heritage and that you celebrate all the ways that it makes your great!

What does your heritage mean to you?

Our new cover design features a sleek yet functional, one-of-a-kind custom finish, with its folded privacy cover and hidden spiral binding.

When closed, it gives you a sleek, professional, bold and stylish look. Opened - your planner lays flat with its spiral binding and makes your ability to write and use it, efficient and easy.

Signature cover design
Purpose exercise

This Purpose exercise is designed to guide you to clarity by discovering your values, limitations, identifying your authentic voice and point you in the direction of your purpose. This exercise is a powerful start to strategizing and owning your year. 

This exercise is as powerful as being enrolled in a coaching programme. It is designed for you to feel as though you have your own personal coach right in your planner, guiding you every step of the way.

Vision board

Start your year by visualizing your goals on your Vision Board and refer to it throughout the year. No more designing your Vision Board and tucking it away in a drawer or leaving it hung up in your room. Take it with you, refer to it, remind yourself, add to it as the year goes on and keep your visions at the forefront of your mind, by carrying it around with you in your daily planner.

qr Codes with portal to digital resources

This is a signature feature of the Be.Do.Become Wellness Planner, with no other planner on the market spanning both physical and digital worlds. Our QR Codes guide you to our community page where we offer you additional wellness resources like meditations, recommended book lists, daily affirmation meditations, playlists and more. We continue to update this page throughout the year. The codes also allow you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter filled with tips, offers, discounts and more. 

Weekly Layout

Your week starts on Mondays.

Each week opens with an affirmation and Bible quote to remind you of how powerful you are, while keeping you centered on your worth.


There is a gratitude journal, a space for your personal wellness to-dos, along with your career goals for the week.


Each week prompts you to note your daily wellness habits of water and vitamin in-take, daily exercise and meditation.


There is an expanded space for your notes; a space for noting the magical synchronicities of life balanced by a weekly money tracker of earnings and spend.


Prioritize and maximize your days in your daily top priorities column.

monthly Mindful stretches

Stretches are little exercises, prompts and reminders that take you out of your comfort zone, expands your mindfulness and keeps you compassionate in your relationships and those you interact with.

Featured art and a doodle/ colour page

With culture being a pillar of our ethos, we decided to add a doodle colour page, a bookmark and welcome page designed by a featured artist from Trinidad and Tobago - Kareem Davy. 

This doodle/colouring page is a space for you to meditate through colouring, take a mental break, or have a little bit of light-hearted, expressive fun.

features INCLUDE:

-      Discover your purpose and connect to self through our purpose exercise.

-      Map your vision with our Vision Board

-      Monthly Layout

-      Monitor your book list

-      Weekly Layout

-      Affirmations and Bible Quotes

-      Gratitude Journal

-      Journal pages for thoughts

-      Wellness Goals

-      Weekly wellness tracker - vitamins, meditation, exercise

-      Manage your money

Some of our new features include:

-     New cover and binding

-      Doodle/Colouring page 

-      Plan with your shopping lists

-      Meet our featured artists

-      Free bookmark inside

......and so much more!


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