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Your wellness home for learning, growing and breakthroughs through value-based learning and systems.

Welcome Home.

Purpose. Culture. Productivity.
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Being is about embodying the core values of the most authentic version of yourself,along with those of the person you dream of becoming.


Doing is simply about taking action in your life in order to get where you want to be.


This is the combination of BEING + DOING (values+action) that facilitates your BECOMING and walking in the fullness of who you are.

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Our Why

At 29, I figured out that I was a jack of all trades, and had no clue if I could be a master of one, and if so, what that one would be. I was on a career rollercoaster bouncing from my law practice, to modeling, to running the Miss Barbados World franchise, TV hosting, and jumping at any entrepreneurial venture that excited me. I was also doing this, while traveling and moving to new countries.  My mom often asked, “how many cliffs are you going to jump off?” There were great moments along the way, but I was unfulfilled and unclear as to what my purpose was. Worse yet, I was embarking on the third decade of ‘cliff-jumping’ and longed for a meaningful life that was marked by excellence. So, I quit everything – my jobs, relationships, broke my lease and dove into a five-year healing journey that included therapy, wellness retreats, life coach curriculum, and deep self-evaluation.


In short, I emerged as a purpose-driven woman equipped with a strong sense of self. I came to understand that everything along my journey was preparing me for my purpose chapter. I was focused, attuned to my faith and inner voice, learned the word “No”, established healthy boundaries and finally understood the core of what my values were and my contribution to the world – all of which led to a boost in my confidence.  


I got there by a mantra I’ve now coined – Be.Do.Become.


Be.Do.Become is a mantra and equation I live by and now teach. BE+DO = BECOME. It doesn’t matter the stage of life, BE+DO = BECOME . It is a navigation tool for fulfilment and desired results. It is the solid foundation on which I’ve built my inner home – my character, faith, career, relationships, finances, my service and fulfilment. The pillars of that home are Purpose, Culture and Productivity. Now I’m opening my home to you.


I welcome you into a place of wellness that guides you to your purpose, honours your culture as your edge and holds you to the productivity that will yield the person you desire to become in this world.


Wipe your old mindset at the door. Welcome to your becoming.

With love,
"Wipe your old mindset at the door. Welcome to your becoming."
- Leah

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