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1stPAY Customers 

Please scan the code below to submit payment for the Order of your 2024 Planner, along with completing the form. Once your payment and contact details are received you will be emailed a receipt for your purchase.

Please note that purchases are non-refundable and you become eligible for returns based on the defect of the product you received.


Payment information to note when you scan below. You may also enter payment using the cell number below, should there be issues with the scan.

Account name:        BE DO BECOME/ Heather Gibson

Account #:             1001239595

Cell#:                            251-0267

Amount due:           BDS$150.00

(Payment of planner + VAT + handling fee.)


Enter your information below to complete your pre- order.

Thanks you for your purchase! Your receipt will be sent over to you shortly.

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