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Leah Marville is a Caribbean-born media personality, model, Attorney-at-Law, Inspirational Podcast host, speaker and Transformational Coach.


Leah’s journey as a coach has been inspired by her own life and the way she has had to learn to navigate the world as a result of it. She has lived in 3 Continental regions across 5 countries throughout her entire twenties while holding multiple career roles. She names some of her superpowers as adaptability, connectivity and resilience.


As a Transformational Coach her focus is empowering visionaries to see their innate God-given value so that they can tap into their unique purpose and design a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and impactful to their communities.


Based on Leah’s background some areas of focus in her coaching practice are:


  • Recreating self

  • Pivoting

  • Forming a vision/Discovering purpose

  • Designing a value-based life

  • Accountability

  • Breaking Unproductive Habits

  • Moving from survivor’s mindset to a thriving one.

  • Moving beyond trauma/loss identity

  • Building self-esteem

  • Establishing reputation/character

  • Designing a life of alignment

  • NLP-focused mindset building 


Beyond her coaching accreditation, Leah pulls her knowledge, insight and understanding of people from various life experiences, eg:

  • Criminal and family lawyer

  • Early childhood loss

  • Living and adapting to 5 different countries/ cultures

  • Practicing across multiple careers

  • Surpassing humble financial beginnings

  • Managing several companies

  • Franchise Holder of Miss Barbados World Pageant

  • Training Pageant Queens

  • Board Member of several organizations

  • Talent Manager

  • Recreating self

  • Overcoming low self esteem

  • Healthy and alkaline diet-living

  • Sober lifestyle

  • and more.


Get in touch and let's work together.

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