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Welcome to our Community Space

This is your community homepage of resources that you can tap into daily, or whenever you need a bit of inspiration or direction. We've curated a mixture of meditations, our favourite motivational talks and podcasts, book references, good vibes music and more!


Interested in seeing more of a particular topic? Submit your suggestions below. If you like this space, be sure to share with your friends and family! The more we grow as a community, the better our team will be able to serve you.


Gratitude and welcome home. ❤️

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Weekly Newsletter

Our Wednesday Weekly Newsletter is meant to be more than just another email in your inbox. This newsletter is  your weekly planner companion, keeping you on track with the flow of your weeks and accountable to your goals. We will also share resources, tips and tools to support your growth. 

We've designed our newsletters like a curriculum guiding you towards actual transformation throughout your year. The only thing left for you to do is apply the knowledge you receive to your lives!


We also encourage your responses to our emails, should you have any questions or seek further guidance. 


Thank you for being a part of our Community! 


10-week  Transformation Program

A lot can happen in a year, if you have a clear plan, a strategy and great accountability. In this Inaugural 10-week Program, for the first time ever, Coach Leah Marville will be sharing her trademarked mantra and methodology "BE.DO.BECOME" to help you shape a holistic life plan that will set you on the path for incredible transformation and results in your life by the end of 2024. 

With only 20 spots available, Leah Marville promises to create a deeply tailored experience, bringing all of her expertise across her multi-faceted background that has led her to being a multi-award winning business woman and personality. Leah is bringing her strategy, productivity and problem-solving skills from her legal background, her project management skills from her Entrepreneurial and Entertainment background, together with her skillset as a Certified Coach and  Neuro-Linguistic Programming along with incorporating her background in holistic medicine and nutrition, to form a complete mind - body - soul transformation. For Leah, a life of purpose and impact cannot be built in compartments. There must be integration across all aspect of who you are as a person to form the solid foundation needed for your success.

If you are prepared to create a new life and finally step into the life of excellence that you know you can have, that burns within you, then this is the programme for you. 

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Youtube Channel and Podcast

With our company's slogan as "Transform your Life in a Year" our entire eco-system shares information, resources and tools that guide you toward that transformation. On our podcast, we invite incredible persons within our society to share their stories of trumps and success. We also invite experts across many fields to share their wisdom which we can apply to our lives. 

This podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcasts! On our Youtube channel, we provide bonus videos on life tips and tools for direct application to your lives. 

Watch here: Be inspired, learn and grow towards your transformation. 

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Browse our Library

I always make mention of the fact that "books raised me" because I truly do not know where I would be without them. I remember my first self-help book being "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" late in my teens. It was the first time in my life that I believed that I could be one of those people who owned homes. You see, I grew up in Barbados where opportunities are limited and to compound that further, I lost a parent early in life. This meant that the odds of success were stacked against me, unless I really used my education to get me where I wanted to go. Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my life. I started counting myself in for all opportunities that came my way. My next book was The Alchemist - which I read in my early twenties during the winter in Cape Town South Africa. That book made me tune into the unique path of my life and count everything as contribution to my ultimate purpose. It gave me the confidence to show up!

To this day, books are my tutors, my soothers and my companions and as an avid reader who understands their power, I have taken the liberty of making an easy-to-reference book list for you. I take the guess-work out of knowing what books to read as you travel on your personal development journey!

I hope you enjoy! If you appreciate the library, share it with a friend and tag me!

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Good Vibes Playlists

Music has the power to shift and ground you. What we listen to can be truly transformational. As such we started compiling playlists through some of our faves, to share with you. 

Subscribe to us on Spotify and download our playlists for your feel good vibes on the go or at home!


Meditations and Affirmations

Tap into our Affirmations Meditations for a daily confidence boost and reminders of the power that lies within you. Listen during your morning routine or on the way to work to shape the day ahead of you.

Be sure to subscribe and tune in as we continue to add more meditations throughout 2024!

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